by - August 13, 2015

Hi All,

My first test week of this semester is well under its way and I'm most certain so are my stress levels. Over the past years I've come to realise that having a balance between all these activities is a very important aspect. I speak from experience. I use to study non-stop and not allow myself to breathe or step out the house. My thoughts were, if I leave the books it will show in my results. What a load of nonsense that was. 

Now I'm not only referring to those studying but also to those who work or have commitments in their lives that take up most of their time. Get up and go out. There is a chance that whats outside will inspire you, motivate you or just allow you to clear your head. 

My balance method and time organising has improved effectively.

1. Dedicate time for my studies.
2. Set away 30 to 45 minutes for the gym. 
3. Allow myself to blog or write or read other blogs. 
4. Woolworths Food. I love shopping for food, not only does my tummy feel happy, I even get excited just being there.
5. Lastly, I always make time for family. Their spirits and energy help me and encourage me. 

My look
Yes I know that the shoes look heavy but they actually have a jelly-like material so in fact, they are extremely light. I dressed the shoes with a pair of light jeans, which both are from Edgars. From the time winter started I have been looking for thin material type jersey's and Cotton On has them. Having them in a neutral colour allows the jersey to be paired with any pants or skirts or over a dress for that layer effect. Now normally I don't over accessorise but sometimes it fun and gives the look a different feel. Necklace, ear cuff and earrings are all from Touch of Gold Jewellers.  

Lisa Trocchi

Think! Shoes

Have a great weekend!!!

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