by - August 19, 2015

Hi All,

I have spoken about the weather before as well as Joburg and I do this because as the weather changes and so do our plans. Over the weekend I was preparing for a test and after a long time my complex was quite rowdy. For me it was like, why? What’s wrong with them? Then I realised what’s wrong with me, excluding the university that’s cramping my style. The sun was out and it was a perfect Saturday to be out doors, sipping on cocktails or even just soaking up the warmer days.

One of the places I do love and have been visiting very often is Parkhurst. A street filled with an atmosphere that’s irresistible. The first time I went to this small yet fashionable place was for coffee on a Sunday and I must be honest I was in awe. The people don't hold back in anything, from their style to the cars and most certainly not the vibe. 

There is a specific street, 4th Avenue that has it all. Clothing boutiques and shoe stores. The infamous Craft Restaurant, Melissa's coffee shop to Africaology Spa and Sherbet Angel beauty salon just to name a few.

I've seen students at Jolly Rodgers, living life to families just enjoying a Sunday lunch. 

Parkhurst is a place where you would forget that you are in Joburg and yet you will remember why Joburg is just so beautiful. 

My look.

When I took the photos I actually just came from an early morning test and one can only imagine how much fun that must have been. Something comfortable and warm was in all I could think about. I paired ripped jeans from Topshop with a white jersey to give myself the, “I am lazy yet fancy look”. Now some people say that All Stars are not warm at all during winter, but recently the days have been getting warmer so I might as well embrace the weather. I literally took the chunky necklace from my sister who bought it from Zuri and paired it with a yellow gold Jaques Lemans watch and my nomination bracelet all from Touch of Gold.



Have a greet week ahead. 

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  1. Kavisha just wanted to make sure that you know the comments from Our Teacher is from me, Aunty Kree.
    Did you know that?
    Thank you for an interesting and creative blog.

  2. Yes I did. I'm truly grateful for your support. Thank you.