Spring Cleaning

by - August 28, 2015

Hi All,

OMG, spring is near or is it here?? Either way its the one season I think my gran lives for, the season to clean. Her cleaning is beyond measures where she has a schedule set out in her head and a routine. One would say the queen is coming.

Now I may be her grandchild but I definitely do not spring clean in that way. Cleaning the house is one thing for me but spring cleaning with a schedule is another thing. I prefer to get rid of things that just make clutter. My clothes, shoes, books, papers and maybe my FaceBook contact list. 

This year I decided that some of my clothes need to go, if I have not worn it in a few months, I certainly wont wear it in the future. Plus I can make space for new spring/summer clothes. YAY.
I also put the winter shoes away and bring out all things pretty and summery. My aim is to make the house light and the atmosphere cool.

Spring cleaning for me is like cleansing and one should be all cleansed for the new season.

What is your way of getting ready for the new season?

Have a great weekend!!!

My Look.
This week I went from warm winter clothes to a perfect summer LBD (little black dress).  Not knowing what the weather may decide to do later in the day I paired the LBD from Mango with ankle boots and a denim jacket both from Woolworths. Normally I don't mention my hair or make-up but the top knot is easy to style and great for warmer days. The rep lipstick from Clinque made the look fresh. My specs are from vogue and the blue nail polish is Rimmels summer collection.

Lisa Trocchi

Streets of Melville, 7th Street and 4th Avenue

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