by - September 09, 2015

Hi All,

I have been absent for the past week from the blogging and studying as it was spring recess at the university. Normally I would still be active but for some reason I felt that I needed to breathe. By this I mean, step back and just let my mind be free and my eyes be clear of all study notes and blogging. 

The result? 

I have come back to campus with more motivation and ideas for studying and blogging. I've organised my time for my daily activities and I can feel that I am more focused. I will admit that as a human being, there are days were my mood is; stay in bed and stare aimlessly out the window. However, this being my last block (term) of my degree I want to finish it with pride and determination. 

Im sure many people out there take breathers now and then and I for one think its great. The week of just breathing I learnt that support is essential, not to give up and most importantly to put yourself first. 

Have a great week!!!

The Look
A casual monday called from animal print and gladiators. The day was laid back for me and my outfit had to be to. I paired the jeans from Edgars with a black ForeverNew top and Animal print jersey from Woolworths. To brighten the look I matched brown/gold gladiators with the same colour sling bag, both from Woolworths. 

Hair tied back and specs from Vogue. Finishing the look with gold jewellery from Touch of Gold Designing Jewellers



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