by - September 23, 2015

Hi All, 

The month of fasting has taken place for the Hindu-Tamil's and for those who don't know what it entails, don't worry, I'm here. 

The purtassi month started on the 18th of September and will end on the 17th of October. We dedicate this month to Lord Vishnu
We observe purtassi as strict vegetarians which will lead our mind, body and soul to purification. As a Tamil person, my mind will be disciplined, and all toxins as well wastes will be removed. 

The most important day of the month is Saturday, as we believe it is free from all negatives. 

I personally have been observing this fast since I was 13 only because it was when I fully understood the meaning of it. 

Now some may find it difficult and at a stage so did I but this year the food part is much more fun. My google search is full of  'veggie meals' or 'eggless biscuits'. My mind is going crazy with all the meal ideas and my hips keep saying calm down. 

I have sort of kept a diary and if it comes out as I would like, I just might share it. 

To those observing the fast I wish you a blessed month and that what you want to achieve, is achieved. 

Have a great week. 

My look
Urg!!! The weather this week is totally on another level. I planned something to wear and the day off, I look out the window and it was overcast with miserable wind. In that case I opted for something warmer. I partnered the red Edgars jeans with a denim shirt from Forever New. Leopard print heels from Mr Price and silver necklace from Touch of Gold. 


Moyo Zoo Lake 

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