Bold Lip Tutorial

by - October 21, 2015

Hi Beauties.

Before I even get into this tutorial I want to state that I am definitely no professional in this area, however I do enjoy make-up and all its wonderful benefits. This is just a few steps for those who struggle a bit or to those starting their make-up collection, hopefully this inspires you to be bold.

What you will need:
1. Foundation, Im using Mac Studio Fix Fluid, NC45
2. Concealer, I used Yardley StayFast, Tan 04
3. Dark Shade Eyeshadow, applied on my eyes is Mac, Club Satin
4.Mascara, my go to is Maybelline Volume Express
5.Bold Lipstick, Mine is Mac Heroine
6. Powder, Mac Mineralize Medium Deep

Step 1
After moisturizing, I started with my foundation, and then went in with a the concealer, concealer is not a must but sometimes there are areas that need more attention than others like the under eye and corner of my lips.

Step 2
For my eyes, I applied the powder from under my brows to the eye lid. This is just to enhance my already thick eyebrows and also act as a base to my eyeshadow, which was applied after with Mac Eyeshadow brush 217. Those fancy tutorials we see on Insta or Facebook, I cant do it, thats why for this look I kept it simple.

Keeping to my eyes, I applied many layers of mascara.

Step 3
I apply my powder last incase any eyeshadow falls on my face. Also, I make sure the powder is carefully applied to the concealed area. I used the Mac brush 110, which can be used for powder and blush. Its Ideal!

Step 4
Apply the Mac Heroine Lipstick.

DISCLAIMER: My products are just a guide to creating a bold lip.

Have a great day!!!

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