by - October 14, 2015

Hi All,

Firstly, this weeks post was the first one where I had the creative decision of what I wanted and my photographer ,Lisa, executed it amazingly. 

Now I chose this direction because sitting in a park or your front yard with a good book and snacks is ideal for the weekends, especially for those who want to just relax and unwind. 
This is just part of what you can do. 

Being in a city like Joburg, your options are endless. From food markets, to the zoo, to music festivals, sport events and if you prefer, many malls to choose from. 
Okay, so what if I live in a small town, you may ask? Not all places boom with food markets and so forth, however small towns are surrounded by other small towns to explore from. Back home in Middelburg, I would enjoy a day trip to Dullstroom, the main street has a pancake cafe that's to die for and gift shops as well as clothing stores. The best part is, people in Joburg can also travel to Dullstroom and experience it for themselves and to those who live close by to Joburg can experience this life on weekends. 

The weather is perfect, weekends should be to. 
Make the best of it. 

Have a great week further.

My Look. 
If I could live in this skirt, I would. Its light, and comfy. This Old Khaki skirt looks like wool material but actually thin cotton. I paired it with a printed Topshop top to add life to the look. Finished the look with jewels from Touch Of Gold Jewellers, sunglasses from Versace (Sunglass Hut) and grey pumps from Legit. Overall this look is 50 shades of all kinds of grey that's why I added Heroine Mac Lipstick to give it a pop of colour.

The book that I'm reading, Bobbi Brown Make Manual, my 'bible'.

Lisa Trocchi

Saffron Guest House

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