Beauty: My acne experience.

by - June 30, 2016

I started a beauty series a while ago but I have neglected it due "adulating". To start of fresh, I thought I would share my experience for when I had acne. The strange part is, is that now I can speak with confidence about how I felt but when I had acne, if someone looked at me I would just assume they were judging me.

From the age of 13, yes my teen years is the year in which I had to learn that I had pimples. Naturally, I thought it was caused by stress, hormonal changes and the foods I ate. To an extent that was a small contribution, years went by and when I moved to Joburg in 2012, it had worsened. I started applying make-up on a regular basis, which means I use to hide who I was. I made sure no one saw me without make-up, I gained weight, which I was in denial of and everything that made me feel ugly, I was ready to cover up.

Nobody told me, "Kavisha, go see a dermatologist", and I wish till this day that someone had. At that time, I might have resented that person but in the long run appreciated them more than ever.
Either way, I learnt on my way that things had to change.

My first appointment was scary, I thought I would walk in , and on the spot the doctor would prescribe something and I'm sorted, WRONG. The doctor did bacteria tests, blood test and when I mean blood tests, 25 and more different types. She inspected my make-up, threw out the bad ones and advised me how to apply foundation, wash my face and so many small things that actually helped without medication. For about a 3 months I had to change my lifestyle, from dietary needs to taking a new bath towel each day.

Before I was put onto the medication, my face actually calmed down, redness was much softer and the acne was not as aggressive as before. The medication helped to eliminate all internal bacteria.

Its been 3 years and the way I take care of my skin now is such an important part of my life, yes I may forget things here and there but thats normal.

If there is one thing I could tell my 13 year old self, it would, " You are not ugly, your body just reacts differently to certain things, learn from it and I promise it will all work out"


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