Style Diary: Rainy City

by - July 28, 2016

Oh boy, its cold!
Normally, in such weather circumstances, I would layer the clothes but I could not resist this corduroy skirt. I know for a fact that when I was in my teens, the idea of corduroy just made me look the other way. Thank goodness I left that thinking in my teens.

Nevertheless, this skirt is so versatile that I would wear it in Summer. Even though the material is known to be thick, the way this one is designed, light as a feather.

Talking about layering and being that the material is light, adding on different textures would not be a bad idea.

I finished off the look with a cut out polar neck, black stockings (my #1 essential for winter), a leather jacket and of course rain boots.

 About this look:
Skirt: Forever New
Top: Mr Price
Stockings: Woolworths
Jacket: Sportscene (oldie)
Boots: Burberry
Photography (click on link)

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