Blush Pink

by - September 09, 2016

What a crazy week! At this point I can't wait to curl up on couch and binge watch Friends. Who's with me? 

This weeks outfit is based on an H&M dress. From a distance it looks like strips but close up it has a pattern that comes across that way. I hesitated to buy it. I find that patterns are always a tricky thing to style but over the years and with following other style bloggers the most important rule I learnt is to keep everything else simple. I paired the dress with blush pink heels and a neutral colour watch. 

BTW these types of dresses are great for the season change. They are light , it will keep you cool the entire day and not forgetting how chic it will make you look! I NEED MORE!!!

About the look:
Dress: H&M
Heels: Rage
Watch: Fossil

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