Fitness Diary #1

by - January 18, 2017

Day 1: 9/01/17

Firstly, I am moving gyms so to be completely honest I already feel uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, just like me, most people started today and let me tell you, I died. Yes, that dramatic.

Everyone has their own reason as to why they join the gym, mine ,specifically, is keep myself healthy. Waking up the next morning, feeling light and energised is honestly a blessing. I am sure you will agree?
I never stress over weight and neither should you. Someone who is 70KG could be healthier than someone who is, lets say 55KG and vise versa. Another reason why I don't stress over weight is, when I go to the gym or eat healthy I want to enjoy it and not worry about how much of calories I am picking up or losing. I'm just cautious about what I eat.

Day 2: 10/01/17

Okay, so even though my body is sore, it's that kind of pain that is good and somewhat addictive because you know the end result is going to be amazing.

Today I pushed. Drenched in sweat.

My eating habits are becoming better and eating healthier is working for me.

Day 3: 11/01/17

The gym didn't see me today.

Even though I skipped my workout, I made sure I drank plenty of water and stuck to fruits and almonds.

There was a chocolate chip biscuit looking at me though.

Day 4: 12/01/17

Uhm, I ate chicken licken and didn't go gym.


Day 5: 13/01/17

To hit the gym or to sip that cocktail?

I chose to gym because those hot wings started to make my hips look a little bigger.

I also opted for healthier meals.

Day 6: 14/01/17

I have always loved the idea of working out on a Saturday and just taking rest of that day as easy as possible.

10:00 am gym session followed by eggs and honey glazed bacon and fruits, how can I say no?

My body is still adapting to the pain but I have noticed that the more I learn about my weaknesses and strengths, it becomes easier to push myself and enjoy the pain.

Ladies, my fitness diary is to motivate you and also give you that inside scoop that to get those toned abs and obliques is a struggle. A struggle that I want to share as well as showing you that you can still enjoy all the foods you crave but still be the healthiest version of yourself.

Till we meet again,

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