You Still Exist???

by - January 31, 2017

You know sometimes when you are digging deep in your closet, looking for that top that makes you look cute and thin at the same time but then you dig so deep that you end up finding an item that you didn't know still existed? Yeah, that's me.

The boyfriend jean trend started a long time ago and I loved the idea of it. What I didn't like was the fit or the look of it. Maybe I didn't appreciate the trend back then, but now I want to rock these babies all day long.

I decided to stick with the colour black because I felt for a classy yet simple look. My favourite top is a short sleeve polar neck, I have always loved this cut because it sits comfortably on me.
The plain black sling bag WAS my go-to bag. I bought in December and I literally couldn't stop using it until the sling itself broke. No need to stress!!! Its now my go-to clutch. Black heels and silver jewels and I am ready to go.

Till we meet again,

About the Look
Top: Woolworths
Jeans: Trenery 
Heels: Rubi
Bag: Florsheim
Jewels: Touch of Gold Jewellers and Goldsmith

Photography: Lisa Trocchi

Do you guys like the look???

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