A Much Needed Mask.

by - February 20, 2017

I was back at my parents place and my face didn't feel its usual self but luckily I was carrying around with me the Sorbet Spot and Oil control mask and it was the perfect time to use it. I have mentioned before that I had acne as a teen and my dermatologist suggested that I stay away from masks. That was 5 years ago. Here goes!!!

When I purchased the mask I thought it was a liquid consistency that needed to be applied on with a brush. Little did I know it was an ACTUAL face mask. Even my gran was surprised with my new look.  

The packaging says to leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then to message the extra serum. A cup of tea and a few pages of a magazine later, my skin felt happy. 

I could feel that my skin was hydrated, smooth and controlled. 

Since its been so long that I used a mask, I can definitely see that my skin craves it. 


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