January Favourites

by - February 03, 2017

I haven't done a favourites post in while and I thought this would be a great time to do it as I have three beautiful products that I want to share you guys. Inexpensive. easy to travel with and keeps you looking oh so gorgeous.

1. Lush Lip Scrub
To be completely honest, my idea of lip care is just to apply lip balm. Done and Dusted.
Towards the end of December I noticed that I actually had dry skin. The Lush lip scrub is made out castor sugar which takes to the lips gently. I allow it to melt a little, then I rub it in and rinse. My lips are left dry skin free and extremely soft. Plus the scrub smells good!!!

2. Tangle Teezer. 
Firstly, the size is just perfect. I use to carry a bigger brush that took up most of the space and it was just a hassle. The tangle teezer is great for both wet and dry hair. After I wash my hair, I brush through it, the tangle teezer makes it easier to control my thick hair and gets rid of all the loose hair. 

Girls, my hair tends to fall a lot, do any of you have solutions?

3. Real Techniques Foundation Brush
For my birthday, my cousin gifted me with a Real Techniques foundation brush. WHAT A BEAUTY. 
Its been about 3 years now that I used my fingers to apply foundation but I noticed that I wasn't getting that full coverage, once I started with the brush, there was such a big difference. The application looked smoother and lighter.

Till we meet again, 

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