Fitness Diary #2: The Mindset Edition

by - March 08, 2017

At the beginning of the year I posted my first fitness diary and since then I have been MIA. I even created a few draft ideas for my next fitness post but I wasn't entirely happy posting it. There was just something that was bothering me.

When I started my journey I knew that I wanted to get into shape, that I wanted those killer abs and random cute muscles but its not what I needed. What I truly needed was a focused mindset. There were many days where I got up and actually thought why do I need the gym? Do I really have to go? My body was saying yes purely because I could see results but my mind was like no, just chill. I knew I was doing something wrong.

The way I decided to tackle this issue was by doing something that I dreaded, cardio. It has always been my weak point because I am more of a 'walker around neighbourhood' type person but doing this activity in gym let alone running, I was a little unsure of. Then the thought of running and actually pushing myself felt different. I felt like I was in control, so I ran and I consistently kept thinking to myself, 'you can do this, your mind needs this'. Now when I see the treadmill I see myself running.

Even though I had to find myself in a more fitness way I did, however, over the past two months go to the gym and I still have been going. I created a schedule where I go three times a week and if I am up to it I will go on weekends. I try to eat as healthy as possible but I will definitely not deprive myself of food (I LOVE ME SOME NACHOS).

In terms of what I do at the gym, basically cardio and toning. I must admit I was afraid of weights, but after some research, I was reassured that weights will not harm me. Nope, they will instead become my BFF.

Moving forward I would like my mind to be toned before my abs. I still want to share my journey because I believe it's important to see how being active plays such a crucial role in our lives, especially mentally.

As I end this, I have already been to the gym for the day and I can feel my mindset getting stronger.

What's your mindset at the gym???

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