REVIEW: Swiitch Beauty Eye Mask.

by - March 16, 2017

We've all seen that meme..." the bags under my eyes are Prada' and it's quite relatable to many of us, unfortunately. 

All memes aside, something as small as that can make us look tired, feel older than we really are and potentially stifle our confidence. 

I started to notice that my under eyes were a bit dull when concealer became my go-to product (btw, not first on my makeup routine). 

For someone who loves to sleep and sneak in the occasional afternoon nap, I was puzzled. 

I needed a fix, not a quick fix but an affordable solution that actually helped instead of just covering the problem up. 

After some research, I came across the Q10 BYE BAGS eye mask from Swiitch Beauty, a brand that I've come to trust and love. 

Q10 helps with wrinkles, rejuvenation, and protection against the sun- just what I needed to feel radiant again. I applied the eye mask and left it on as per instructions; as I continued with my day I could see a noticeable difference. My under eyes were lighter, softer, and less puffy. 

I was thrilled with the result and wanted to share my experience with you. 

Hello, brighter days!


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