Is sunscreen the new primer? | Review Celltone Sunscreen SPF30

by - June 13, 2017

When I was growing up my mum would make sure that I had enough sunscreen on to last me the entire day. Back then I didn't understand the importance of sunscreen and protection from the harmful rays. I was too concerned about the white marks it would leave on my face.

A few years on from that and sunscreen is a part of my daily skincare routine. Over the years I have learnt that sun exposure is the #1 cause of skin damage and the first place it shows, is your face. Us ladies need that extra care with all the makeup and treatments our skin goes through. 

I recently teamed up with Celltone to discuss the damage the sun causes & their range of sun protection products. Celltone uses snail gel extract in all of their products; which is proven to promote softer, smoother & younger looking skin.

I have been using Celltone Sun Screen SPF30 for the last two weeks & with fantastic results will continue to do so because it:

1. Protects your skin from the sun
2. Doesn’t leave unsightly white marks
3. Can be used safely on acne prone skin
4. Contains anti-oxidants that clear away free radicals helping you prevent ageing caused by the sun
5. Can be used as a primer before you apply your makeup.

The last one is a bonus for me, I heard about primer not too long ago and did not see the need for it. If you are clueless like me, no need to worry, I have done some research.  

Primer has two important functions when it comes to makeup - it gives you a smooth finish and also offers longer lasting wear esp. during the changing weather conditions. 

Does Celltone Sun Screen SPF30 work as a primer?

Given that we are in the middle of winter, my skin tends to look dry and usually not as soft as I would like. I applied some Celltone Sun Screen SPF30 before putting on my foundation and few hours’ later still looks as if I had just applied and my skin feels nourished and protected. 

Happy Skin, Happy Girl. 

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