3 Simple Steps For That Summer Autumn Transition.

by - April 10, 2018

When autumn comes around, it can be a tad difficult to say goodbye to those summer pieces. 

This autumn I am finding it hard to say goodbye to this black denim wrap skirt. 

The beauty of denim is that it's a versatile item and the main reason I found it easy to transition. Plus its such a comfortable piece. 

Be sure to follow my 3 simple steps when taking your summer pieces into your autumn wardrobe. You will be speaking volumes with your new look. 

1. Start by choosing a summer piece that you're comfortable in as it will be easier to style. 
2. Then add warmer items; sweaters, jackets, boots and even pantyhose. 
3. Finish off your look by ensuring that your outfit compliments your body in the best way possible. You want to look and feel confident. 

Outfit Details:
Sweater: ZARA
Skirt: Woolworths
Heels: Studio W


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