by - August 28, 2018

First experience with a personal shopper. Glad it was Kavisha. She not only gives advice/opinions but takes the clients style into consideration.  - Bindru

I never really knew how to dress before I met Kavisha, I would normally pair black with black and black again. However, after my makeover with Kavisha I have a whole new look on life especially with my multicoloured capsule wardrobe. When Kavisha helped me find my style, she didn't just put me in any old outfit. She listened to what I wanted, and she helped me design a new me. Thank you, Kavisha, for boosting my confidence. You've changed my life.  - Jade, 17 years old

You have truly changed my child, hope other parents realise what an investment it its to get your help in transforming an insecure teenager.  - Claudia (Jades Mum)

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