How Not To Regret A Purchase

by - September 14, 2018

We buy clothes that we need and want and sometimes we buy clothes that we regret. I know I'm not alone on this!

Over the past year, I have helped a few clients with wardrobe cleanses and I come across items that my clients don't even know why they bought.
Many of us regret a few purchases, which means we have wasted money on something that we will NEVER wear.

I have 5 questions for you to ask yourself before you purchase something. This will help you save time and money.

1. Am I buying it because it is on sale?
Just because an item is on sale that doesn't mean you should buy it. The sizing could be wrong, the stitches could be coming out and there could be stains.

2. Is it comfortable?
An item on a mannequin or hanger doesn't always fit the same on our bodies. If you feel uncomfortable form the first try, chances are the item is uncomfortable.

3. Will I wear it?
Consider two things: do you have items that you can style it with and will you wear it more than once?

4. Does it fit my personal style?
If your style is classy and the item is edgy, there is a chance that you will never wear it and eventually regret the purchase.

5. Does it make me feel confident?
When you try on something, immediately you will know if you feel confident or not. If not, walk away.

Outfit Details: 
Jenas: Topshop
Heels: Cotton On

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